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Mobile Laundry Trailer Serves Mississippi Shipbuilders

When a Mississippi shipbuilding company was contracted to repair American military vessels, taking clothes and bed linens to a local laundromat became a cumbersome task. Luckily, Porta Kleen’s 20-Foot Laundry Trailer provided a mobile solution to this unusual problem. After failing to find other local options, management officials searched online and submitted a request for […]

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Emergency Response for Central Ohio High School

When a suburban Central Ohio high school experienced problems with its sewer lines, administrative staff looked to Porta Kleen for emergency assistance and the best product. Porta Kleen, the school’s preferred provider of sanitation products for fall and spring sports, utilized its expert Sales team to determine the best solution for the returning faculty and […]

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Porta Kleen Has a Strong Presence at 29 Palms Military Facility

Porta Kleen provides mobile shower and restroom trailers to 29 Palms, a military training facility that prepares troops for desert conditions.

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Porta Kleen Heads East: Hurricane Sandy Relief

Within 24 hours, Porta Kleen had many of its trailers deployed east to assist with Hurricane Sandy recovery. Mobile showers, restroom and laundry trailers were included in the equipment sent. There continues to be an overwhelming demand for our equipment. We are planning to send anything available to assist in the relief efforts.

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Porta Kleen springs to action after West Virginia chemical spill

CHARLESTON, W. Va. — When a chemical spill closed down the capital of West Virginia and prevented 300,000 residents from drinking, bathing, cooking or washing laundry with tap water, one of the first calls businesses made was to Porta Kleen. Porta Kleen responded by dispatching a variety of equipment, including freshwater holding tanks, transfer pumps, […]

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Experience, Fast Response Resolve Critical Situation at Ohio Prison

Challenge: One can imagine the sanitation problems presented when a water supply is depleted at a state prison with a population of approximately 2,000. Porta Kleen’s unique combination of experience and rapid response proved to be the best solution for a Central Ohio correctional facility after a main waterline break created an urgent need for […]

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Porta Kleen proudly partners with Pelotonia

When organizers were planning an event as important and expansive as Pelotonia, they needed a mobile sanitation company with a history of reliability and cleanliness. Porta Kleen was their clear choice. Founded in Columbus, Ohio, in 2008, Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with a goal of ending cancer. The most recent tour took place […]

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bic 2015 Article

BIC Magazine 2015: Porta Kleen Mobile Showers

As published in Bic Magazine, April 2015 As a forerunner in the mobile shower solutions industry, Porta Kleen offers a vast array of products custom tailored to handle any size or scope of project or event. With 20 years of industry experience, Porta Kleen offers the most capable and quality portable sanitation facilities in the […]

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Porta Kleen provides essential services for Ohio Pipeline

Problem When a Texas-based construction company needed to build a multimillion-dollar pipeline across four Ohio counties, it didn’t know who to count on for its essential sanitation needs. With no previous relationships or experience in the Eastern Ohio area, the company looked for an industry expert that would become a valued partner. Solution Leveraging its […]

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abc showers

Porta Kleen Showers Praised on

Nick VinZant posted an article on praising Porta Kleen’s showers.  Follow the link to read the article and watch the video:

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Porta Kleen solves wastewater emergency at Ohio chemical/polymer plant

Challenge: When an international chemical and polymer giant discovered wastewater coming out of a man door that led down to the main pumps for the entire wastewater system at one of its Ohio plants, Porta Kleen hurried to the scene to keep the crisis from escalating. Porta Kleen’s emergency-response team arrived on-site within the hour, […]

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In The News: Northridge seeks levy as kids use outdoor bathrooms

ALEXANDRIA – Students at Northridge schools’ Alexandria Primary School have been using portable bathroom units since they returned to school in January — and will continue to for another week — after pipes burst in the school’s main bathroom, according to school officials. Jamie Johnson, the school’s principal, said the students have been handling the […]

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