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Camera Inspection

Camera Inspection

Porta Kleen's Camera Inspection is fully equipped with the supplies needed to perform an inspection of pipelines that range from 12.5 to 200 inches in diameter and up to 984 feet in length.

The trailer is equipped with a mobile command station containing onboard computer systems that record inspections and produce photos and video. The camera is high-resolution, low-light, pan- and-tilt with launch capabilities up to an additional 147 feet.

Porta Kleen's Camera Inspection trailer can be easily hooked up to either a provided electric supply, or operated off of its own generator in remote areas.


  • Articulating body allows for launch camera to inspect lateral lines from main lines up to an additional 147 feet
  • Sanitary storm, water, sewer and gas pipe inspection and rehabilitation
  • Waterproof float to inspect active lines
  • Ability to locate branch line inlets/outflows
  • Variety of wheels and treads for optimal traction
  • Condition assessment
  • Truck operates on available power or off onboard generator
  • CCTV inspection equipment
  • Data acquisition

Safety and Affiliations

NASSCO certified and fully equipped to perform Non- destructive Testing (NDT) using video and still images.

Wheel option for larger pipes
Interior of camera trailer
Command station monitors

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  • Inspection Range: 984' reach - 12.5"+ pipe diameter
  • Camera Specs: Onboard targeting & launch cameras
  • Command Station: RC station in front of the trailer
  • Field of View: Wide angle FOV with pan and tilt

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