3 Common Sanitation Problems That Your Jobsite Faces

3 common sanitation problems that your jobsite faces    

1. You have a large number of workers onsite and traditional bathrooms or portable restrooms pose logistical problems.

Each job requires precision work to be done in a short amount of time, regardless of the site size. As you make plans for the job, you may find that current bathroom facilities are not sufficient to support all the workers that will be on site. Supplemental portable restrooms may also be an issue. Ordering the right amount to support your group may result in the units being placed too far from your workers (especially if daily servicing is required). Luckily, there are other options that may be a better fit. Restroom Trailers, featuring larger waste capacities and a smaller footprint, can be placed almost anywhere and offer superior amenities.    

2. Your job takes place during unfavorable seasonal conditions.

Turnarounds and shutdowns can occur whenever a plant can afford the downtime, such as during the industry’s offseason or the holidays. These times can be filled with uncomfortable working conditions like cold temperatures, heavy wind, or even snow/sleet. If your facility doesn’t have enough bathroom facilities and you must supplement, these conditions could balloon into other problems, such as frozen porta johns, that make using the restroom even more unpleasant. Restroom trailers are a good solution to cold temperatures due to their weatherproofing and HVAC. They also have the benefit of running water and flushing toilets, making workers more comfortable during any season.    

3. Your workers stay offsite, causing a loss in production time.

We’ve all heard that time is money, and when your jobsite depends on employees, every second counts. Depending on where the jobsite is located, workers may waste precious time traveling between their hotel rooms, restaurants, laundromats, and back to the site. But you have options. Mobile bunkhouses, laundry trailers and mobile shower trailers can be leased so that workers can be closer to the site.    

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