XCaliber Hydro-Pneumatic Excavation

KX’s XCaliber Hydro-Pneumatic Excavation process combines both high pressure water and compressed air excavation methods in a single mobile system.

Having both hydro and pneumatic excavation capabilities allow PKX to quickly complete soil and debris removal, trenching, remote digging and potholing.


  • Integrated air compressor saves costs by eliminating need for extra man power & pull-behind compressor
  • Our on-board air compressor obtains 170psi vs. 140psi from traditional pull-behind compressor, resulting in higher production
  • Independent PTO’s for air and water
  • Air knife cuts through soils without waste; enabling material to be dumped on-site
  • Soil spoils remain intact for easily backfill
  • 750k BTU burners to easily excavate frozen ground
  • Non-destructive soil and debris removal, trenching, remote digging, and potholing reaches locations where traditional excavation may not be possible
  • Push plate ejection unloading provides fast and thorough removal of debris during air excavation; eliminating safety concerns

Industries Served

  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Government & Municipal

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Boom Range19' 30' reach. 335° total range, 45° upward pivot, 25° downward pivot
Vacuum Blower6480 CFM 27" blower
Water Pump3000 PSI water pumps
Storage Tank1,500-gallon water tank, 18 GPM flow
Debris Storage12-yard debris tank
Remote DiggingRemote digging to 600-feet
NozzlesMultiple cutting nozzles
Heater714K BTU water heater

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