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XCaliber Hydro-Pneumatic Excavation

PKX’s XCaliber Hydro-Pneumatic Excavation combines high-pressure water excavation and compressed air excavation into a single mobile system that allows for precision excavation while ensuring minimal environmental impact. This means an eco-friendly footprint is left, with quick restoration of the surrounding area. Hydro-pneumatic excavation greatly lessens the potential of underground utility damage, while also providing huge savings in investment costs. The dual components of hydro and pneumatic excavation allows Porta Kleen to quickly and thoroughly complete soil and debris removal, trenching, remote digging, and potholing.


  • Integrated air compressor saves costs by eliminating need for extra man power & pull-behind compressor
  • Our on-board air compressor obtains 170psi vs. 140psi from traditional pull-behind compressor, resulting in higher production
  • Independent PTO’s for air and water
  • Air knife cuts through soils without waste; enabling material to be dumped on-site
  • Soil spoils remain intact for easily backfill
  • 750k BTU burners to easily excavate frozen ground
  • Non-destructive soil and debris removal, trenching, remote digging, and potholing reaches locations where traditional excavation may not be possible
  • Push plate ejection unloading provides fast and thorough removal of debris during air excavation; eliminating safety concerns
  • Remote controlled vacuuming and water system, allowing for one man operation

Industries Served

  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Government & Municipal

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Boom Range19' 30' reach. 335° total range, 45° upward pivot, 25° downward pivot, 35' digging depth
Vacuum Blower6480 CFM 27" blower
Water Pump3000 PSI water pumps
Storage Tank1,500-gallon water tank, 18 GPM flow
Debris Storage12-yard debris tank
Remote DiggingRemote digging to 600-feet
NozzlesMultiple cutting nozzles
Heater714K BTU water heater
425 Compressor170psi Continuous Dual air knife operation

Service Area

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