Damage Waiver Program

The damage waiver is designed to provide extra financial protection and peace of mind in the event of accidental damage to Porta Kleen's equipment during a typical rental period. The damage waiver protects renters from everything except total loss or theft. The damage waiver fee will be applied to all applicable orders of single restrooms, handicap restrooms, and hand wash/sanitizer stands.

In the case of theft, the customer agrees to report such to the police department and provide a copy of the police report to Porta Kleen within 14 days of the date of loss. In this event, the customer would still be responsible for the replacement cost of the unit.

The damage waiver program is not an insurance policy. The customer is still responsible for all personal injuries or property damage as outlined in the rental agreement. While insurance may cover rental equipment, the deductible may still exceed the cost of the unit. If the customer should choose to decline the damage waiver, please be aware that the customer will be responsible for all damage and destruction of Porta Kleen's equipment, accidental or otherwise.

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