Environmentally Friendly

Lean and Green: Porta Kleen's Commitment to the Preservation of our Environment

enviro_friendly_catPorta Kleen has developed strict principles and procedures to minimize negative effects on the environment. We are invested in practical alternatives to reduce the utilization of energy, production of material that is connected with harmful emissions as well as the application of smart packaging of chemical substances that may harm the environment. Porta Kleen’s chemicals are free of formaldehyde. Cleaners and solvents used to clean the facilities are biodegradable and nontoxic, avoiding the use of Butyl, Glycol and Aerosols. The direct waste from portable restrooms plays a significant role in our green initiative. Select green services include using chlorine free paper products, many of which are made from recycled materials. Both the paper products and the water used in stalls that are flushable and are conserved through various dispensing systems.

Service Vehicles and the Environment

Increasing the energy efficiency in the operation of our vehicles is critical in our efforts to protect the global climate. The use of automatic engine idle limiters, designed to help preserve fuel and protect the environment, limits the time our engines are permitted to remain idle when the vehicle is parked. Reducing sulfur dioxide emissions is accomplished by using clean burning low sulfur fuel.

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Additional green initiatives include reducing electricity consumption through the installation of high efficiency lighting in our facilities, and the use of Energy Star certified appliances. Each of our waste treatment facilities is inspected annually and certified by the Department of Environmental Protection. Refillable hand pump dispensers are used in place of aerosol cans helping to eliminate damaging propellants. Our citrus-based cleaning solutions are non-flammable and non-corrosive. Porta Kleen’s materials are made of post recycled materials whenever possible. Porta Kleen uses a large quantity of waterless urinals which eliminate the need for flushing. An average of 113,000 liters of water/per urinal/per year are saved because of the use of this type of unit. The use of portable toilets and hand wash systems in the agricultural industry help keep us free of microbial hazards. Proper portable sanitation practices significantly reduce the amount of Cholera in the environment. On-demand water heaters in our equipment result in a substantial decline of propane use. Porta Kleen’s everyday endeavors from operations, to products and services are deployed with safety of the environment a top priority.

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