Sewer Jetting Service

The PKX pipeline jetting service allows for cleaning up to 2,500 feet of sewer pipe daily.

The Camel Maxxx 1200 pipeline jetter features an advanced water pump capable of 100 gpm at 3,000psi and a telescopic boom system capable of a 26 foot reach.


  • 8-inch vacuum system with a heavy-duty, channel-reinforced elbow for maximum durability.
  • 270° manual rotation facilitates manhole entry and reduces traffic flow interruption
  • Front-mounted digital display operation screen with diagnostic and trouble-shooting capabilities
  • Reel capacity of 1,000’ of 1” hose or 600’ of 1 1/4” hose
  • 4″ rear mounted, stainless-steel crossover enables operators to replenish 1500 gallon water supply in less than 10 minutes
  • Tilt-ejection unloading provides fast and thorough removal of debris
  • Remote controlled vacuuming and water system, allowing for safer operation

Industries Served

  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Government & Municipal

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Boom Range26' reach. 217° total range, 40' depth
Vacuum Blower3500 - 6000 CFM 27" blower
Water Pump100 GPM, 3000 PSI continuous duty
Storage Tank1,500-gallon water tank
Debris Storage12-yard debris tank with water decant abilities
Hose ReelFront-mount, 270 degree rotation angle; 1,000' capacity
NozzlesMultiple cutting nozzles
Hose Length1,000' of 1" hose or 600' of 1 1/4" hose

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