Mobile Dip Tank

Mobile Dip Tank

The Mobile Dip Tank is a quick response unit that can be operational and ready to receive water or chemicals within 15 minutes of arrival time. This is the only dip tank equipped with perimeter lighting for night flying operations. This enables the dip tank to be used operationally 24 hours per day. The bright yellow exterior enables pilots to more clearly define the tank's perimeter during daylight operations. All pumping and recirculation of chemical additives are accomplished with an onboard pump system.


  • 6,800-gallon dip tank
  • Operational within 15 minutes of arrival
  • Superior mobility and rapid setup/take down
  • Can be repositioned as the fire progresses
  • Reduces flight time and enhances product delivery
  • Operable from a hydrant or constant water source
  • Automatic valve system monitors water levels
  • Onboard recirculating systems receive and hold chemicals
  • Water and chemicals can be pumped overboard to fill engines, fixed & rotor wing aircraft
  • Minimal design reduces risk of cable hooking during bucket operations
  • Bright yellow exterior enables pilots to more clearly define the tank’s location
  • Only tank with dimmable lighting for nighttime operations
  • Nighttime guidance system that allows pilots a center line approach

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  • Capacity: 6,800 gallon dip tank
  • Safety: Automated refill feature
  • Lighting: Dimmable exterior lighting

Service Area

The Mobile Dip Tank can be rented and serviced from Porta Kleen's Yuma, Cody, and Corona locations.

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