Teamwork is Everything with MPW and Porta Kleen

MPW and Porta Kleen may look like separate companies on the surface, but to make everything work and work efficiently it takes a remarkable amount of teamwork. “I believe there are no boundaries when it comes to supporting business lines outside of MPW, or fellow colleagues. If they need support, I’m going to do whatever it takes to help them,” said ICG Maintenance Manager Aaron Thompson.

“In some cases, we even offer general labor support to different business segments. This allows our business lines to be efficient, and ensures we maintain high customer satisfaction,” Thompson said. “High standards and customer satisfaction are the lifeblood of our organization and sets us apart from our competition.”

A prime example of this teamwork was the massive Lost Lands event that took place in Thornville, Ohio this fall, with nearly 60,000 patrons attending. The Lost Lands event had around 30 shower trailers, roughly 1,400 portable restrooms and more than 100 handwash stations. Thompson said this kind of event is the equivalent of supporting the sanitary needs of a small city for a week.

“For that type of event, my involvement begins when Adam Black or Doug Hall gives me a call, communicating what type of support they need,” Thompson said. “If they say they need portable restrooms hauled and serviced, I’ll haul and service portable restrooms. Or, hauling and staging shower trailers may be the need at that time.”

Thompson said MPW crews will occasionally help transport the equipment to the site, where the Porta Kleen crews will hook everything up. “With this event at Lost Lands, not only did we support getting the equipment there and off site, but we also worked the event as well, running the vacuum trucks and pulling the waste material out of the johns or the trailers,” he said.

MPW also supports Porta Kleen by building a large portion of their mobile equipment. The bulk of Porta Kleen’s equipment is built at the Hebron site with MPW’s fabrication and engineering department. “The possibilities from collaborative efforts are endless and it is truly amazing to see the transformation of the MPW and PK business lines,” Thompson said.

The bottom line, Thompson said, is the MPW family of companies cannot grow and succeed unless everyone supports each other. “In my opinion, it shouldn’t matter how high in position you get. You still have to get the job done, show other teammates that no job is beneath you and that you’re there to work with them and help them,” he said.

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