Experience, Fast Response Resolve Critical Situation at Ohio Prison


One can imagine the sanitation problems presented when a water supply is depleted at a state prison with a population of approximately 2,000. Porta Kleen’s unique combination of experience and rapid response proved to be the best solution for a Central Ohio correctional facility after a main waterline break created an urgent need for single portable restroom units. In addition to the need for immediate delivery, the correctional facility required a strict adherence to its rules and routines.


Industry knowledge and customer service ensure that prisons across the country choose Porta Kleen, and this waterline break was no exception. Within four hours of the facility’s initial call, Porta Kleen provided a detailed estimate, won the contract and delivered the necessary units to the prison yard. Porta Kleen had never worked for this institution; however, PK is very familiar with the stringent safety and security procedures required in this type of facility after years of experience in similar situations. Porta Kleen determined the number of regular and handicapped-enabled units required for the prison population. PK also deduced that additional cleanings, up to two times a day, would be required due to extensive use. Porta Kleen recommended supplemental Hand Sanitizer Stands for use in addition to the sanitizer in the portable restrooms. These were stationed around food-service areas for use before and after meals. Because the restrooms would be in a high-security area, Porta Kleen had to quickly adapt all of the units. For example, PK knew the rods which hold the toilet tissue rolls in place would have to be removed due to the potential for utilizing them as weapons.


Porta Kleen tailored and seamlessly executed its sanitation plan, minimizing down time in the prison yard where the units were stored. Porta Kleen removed the bulk of the units after 72 hours, when the waterline break was repaired and water was restored to the institution. PK left behind a few back-up units until the following week to ensure everything was fully functional. Go to www.portakleen.com for more information on comprehensive sanitation services.

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