Porta Kleen springs to action after West Virginia chemical spill

CHARLESTON, W. Va. — When a chemical spill closed down the capital of West Virginia and prevented 300,000 residents from drinking, bathing, cooking or washing laundry with tap water, one of the first calls businesses made was to Porta Kleen.

Porta Kleen responded by dispatching a variety of equipment, including freshwater holding tanks, transfer pumps, mobile locker rooms, shower trailers, shower containers and mobile laundry trailers. Porta Kleen clients who asked for help included postal services, electric companies, communications companies and chemical facilities. The companies provided Porta Kleen products for the convenience of their employees and their employees’ families, allowing many of the businesses to remain operational during the 10-day ban on tap-water usage.

The ban was lifted on Saturday, Jan. 18, although West Virginia authorities are still advising pregnant women to use alternative drinking-water sources.

The spill, which was attributed to Freedom Industries, occurred in the Elk River and was first detected on Jan. 9. Porta Kleen began receiving requests for equipment and fresh water on Jan. 10 and started delivering the same day.

Porta Kleen has responded to emergency requests in the past, including Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina and ice storms in Kentucky.

“We’re proud of our ability to rapidly respond to our customers in their times of need,” said Porta Kleen General Manager Adam Black. “Our commitment to customer service has been a huge key to our success.”

Porta Kleen has one of the largest fleets of mobile restrooms, laundries and showers in the mobile-sanitation industry. With products ranging from individual units to elaborate VIP trailers, Porta Kleen offers unsurpassed on-site support and a maximum emphasis on cleanliness and professionalism. Based in Lancaster, Ohio, Porta Kleen has been in business for 18 years.

For more information on Porta Kleen’s services, please visit: www.portakleen.com.

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