BIC Magazine 2015: Porta Kleen Mobile Showers

As published in Bic Magazine, April 2015

As a forerunner in the mobile shower solutions industry, Porta Kleen offers a vast array of products custom tailored to handle any size or scope of project or event. With 20 years of industry experience, Porta Kleen offers the most capable and quality portable sanitation facilities in the industry and promises peace of mind your needs will be met with expert assistance from the planning phase to final delivery. Boasting the largest fleet of mobile shower solutions in North America, Porta Kleen is always on call to deliver the ideal solution for your mobile showering needs.

“One of the biggest advantages of a Porta Kleen mobile shower solution is the ability to place mobile facilities where you need them the most,” explained Director of Sales Chad Littrell. “Downtime is lost revenue. Providing our customers with the ability to place equipment strategically is a major advantage. Ultimately delivering restrooms, sinks, showers, and storage solutions all in one location is an action that save money while increasing worksite safety.”

One of Porta Kleen’s most popular mobile shower solutions is the Locker Room Shower Trailer. With all the amenities and features of a complete locker room with the convenience of a mobile solution, the Locker Room Shower Trailer features eight private shower stalls, a durable stainless steel interior, lockers and a spacious changing area with a bench.

“Locker Room Shower Trailers provide workers a clean, secure, and private area to store their belongings,” Littrell said. “Locker Room Shower Trailers also enhance worker safety. Benches are provided for convenience, assisting workers while getting in or out of their PPE. And private shower stalls prevent workers from taking dirt and contaminants home from the jobsite. Simply being able to take a hot shower in a clean environment and change into fresh clothes goes a long way toward promoting well-being.”

The trailer is packed with features such as:

  • Sinks
  • Mirrors
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Heating and Air-conditioning
  • Propane-fire boiler system
  • 750-gallon onboard fresh water storage
  • 2,000-gallon gray/black water storage
  • Urinal trough
  • Toilet

“Worksites where skin irritants such as fly ash, soda ash, or lime dust exist are ideal situations for the mobile Locker Room Shower Trailer,” added Littrell. “Other applications where the Locker Room Shower Trailer has been a success include shutdowns, strikes, and renovations. Our mobile Locker Room Shower Trailers have been a valuable asset everywhere from military bases and power plants to refineries and mines. I often hear our clients comment that our equipment brought in for temporary use is nicer than what they have for permanent facilities.”

In addition to the Locker Room Shower Trailer, Porta Kleen offers a number of other mobile shower solution options. Regardless of your location, Porta Kleen is happy to come to you. It upholds strict customer satisfaction by offering additional services such as the flexibility to deliver your chosen product anywhere in the continental U.S. or Canada. If you’re unsure of your needs, Porta Kleen has highly experience staff members ready to take your call for a free consultation on choosing the best solution for your next project or event.

For more information, visit or call (800) 972-3800.

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