In The News: Northridge seeks levy as kids use outdoor bathrooms

ALEXANDRIA – Students at Northridge schools’ Alexandria Primary School have been using portable bathroom units since they returned to school in January — and will continue to for another week — after pipes burst in the school’s main bathroom, according to school officials.

Jamie Johnson, the school’s principal, said the students have been handling the change well, but they are losing valuable instructional time while teachers take them outside to use the bathrooms, which are heated.

“At the end of the day, we need a school that can function like a school all the time,” Johnson said.

The district wants to build a new elementary school, which would house prekindergarten through sixth-grade students, to replace the nearly 95-year-old building. In addition to having preschoolers through third-graders at the aging Alexandria Primary School, fourth- and fifth-graders have been using modular units as an intermediate school for eight years at the high school campus on Johnstown-Utica Road.

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