New Mack Hydro-Excavation Trucks from McMahon Truck Centers of Columbus

Porta Kleen continues to grow their Hydro Excavation fleet of trucks, recently adding Six (6) Mack Truck GU713 Granites to their fleet of Mud Dog Hydro Excavators.

Porta Kleen worked with McMahon Truck Center’s of Columbus Mack Sales Specialist Bryce Rhoton to come up with the specifications for the Mack Granite trucks. The sixth and final unit is now heading to be equipped, and will join the fleet soon.

Porta Kleen’s hydro excavation process provides a safe alternative to conventional digging methods such as track hoes, augers, backhoes and bulldozers.Unlike traditional mechanical excavation, damage or disruption to critical underground utilities is minimized by using pressurized water in addition to high-power vacuuming.

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