Mobile Sleeper Powered By Porta Kleen

Mobile Sleeper Unit

The Mobile Sleeper Unit, climate controlled, filtered air and on board generators for self-sustaining power anywhere, offers beds for up to 42 people or 84 persons on 12 hour shifts. Mobile Sleeper Unit is certified by the state of California Fire Marshal's Office for occupancy.

MS Cutout Temp

Mobile Showers & Locker Rooms

Porta Kleen has a mobile shower model to meet virtually any demand with solutions that range from 6-28 head shower trailers, as well as shower and restroom combo units. Our locker room trailers provide showers, restrooms, sinks, lockers and benches.

Mobile Bunkhouse

The Bunkhouse Trailer offers sleeping quarters for up to ten people, plus showers, restrooms, sinks, laundry and a long slide out that provides a common living area.

New Laundry Exterior

Mobile Laundry

The Laundry Trailer is a compact unit with big capability. Each trailer is equipped with eight stacked, commercial-grade washers and dryers with folding and storage shelving.

Restroom Trailers

Porta Kleen's Mobile Restroom Trailers provide the highest level of comfort and functionality for any project. Our models range from lavish VIP to high-capacity and feature different amenities, allowing us to meet and exceed your individual needs.


Portable Restrooms

Ideal for a vast number of projects, Porta Kleen carries multiple types of Portable Restrooms and Hygiene Stands to meet your specific needs. No matter what type of event or job, our products will always be clean, durable, and expertly serviced.

Excavation Services

Porta Kleen's Hydro-Excavation process provides a safe alternative to conventional digging methods such as track hoes, augers, backhoes and bulldozers. Unlike traditional mechanical excavation, damage or disruption to critical underground utilities is minimized by using pressurized water in addition to high-power vacuuming.


With just one call, all of your portable sanitation needs are covered.

Porta Kleen serves a diverse mix of industries, events, and projects; we have a product tailored to meet your organization's specific requirements. Efficiency, promptness, professionalism, and safety, that's what Porta Kleen's all about

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