Porta Kleen and PKX: Dual Approach to Service Excellence

Porta Kleen and PKX: Dual Approach to Service Excellence

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PKX, Porta Kleen’s hydro excavation division, extends the scope of Porta Kleen’s services beyond sanitation. For example, the numerous municipalities that seek out PKX’s hydro-excavation service can immediately benefit from Porta Kleen’s sanitation amenities and vice-versa. In fact, every year PKX and Porta Kleen work together to ensure Ohio’s annual Lancaster Festival is a complete success.

“We cross-sell the Lancaster Festival because PKX goes there to jet out the conduit lines near the stage before they set up for the big concert at OU-Lancaster, but we also provide many restrooms for the entire festival,” said Director of Sales Dan Runner, who represents both PKX and Porta Kleen. “We also do a lot of local festivals for cities like Canal Winchester and Pickerington.”

It’s important to Runner that municipalities who hire PKX for hydro-excavation at any given site are aware they also have instant access to Porta Kleen, particularly in emergency situations. “We want to be positioned to where we have relationships within whatever city, where we can also offer our entire product book of sanitation services to help them,” he said. “Our number one ability is availability.”

And that availability isn’t limited to municipal projects such as urban construction or clearing city blocks. PKX and Porta Kleen’s mobile fleets are ready at a moment’s notice—with branches in Lancaster, Fairfield and Piqua, Ohio; Louisville, Kentucky; Charleston, West Virginia; Savannah, Georgia; and Jacksonville, Florida—to service any rural or urban area in the aftermath of a tornado, flood or other local crisis.

“Each one of our business units can play a role in helping a community get back on its feet. All of the business units are capable of emergency response,” Runner said. “We can be there, and we can be there quickly. We have a strong logistics team that can really move things around and get us to where we need to be immediately after a storm or something similar.

“Municipalities have a unique need of both hydro-excavation and sanitation, and they often need more equipment than what they have on hand,” Runner said. “Especially during any type of emergency, we want to be able to go anywhere and ask, ‘Do you need hydro-excavation? Do you need water trucked in? Do you need portable restrooms, or do you need laundry services?’ We just want to go out there and be a good steward to our community.”

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