PKX Updates Safety and Operation Procedures

With many newer operators coming onboard, the team at PKX figured it was time to refresh the hydroexcavation rules and procedures. “Safety being the name of the game, we were having people not understanding the trucks or knowing where the pinch points are—knowing where not to stand, where the emergency stop switches are, and the basics,” said Porta Kleen EHS Safety & Training Coordinator Nanette Vogel. “We wanted to make sure that we clarified it. Once we dug into it, we realized all the procedures needed to be updated.”

During the past 16 months a team including Vogel, Division Manager Keith Egloff, Regional Manager Shane Lowry, Branch Manager Andrew Long, Branch Manager Cletus Janzen, Operations Manager Allen Smyth and Training and Development Manager Adam Pearl published more than 20 documents that define PKX’s safety and operational standards.

The newly established procedures will enhance PKX’s operational efficiency and quality expectations. They are designed to provide clear guidance and standardize practices, ensuring that every team member is equipped to perform their tasks.

The project was not just about updating procedures; it was also a review to ensure the procedures were not only safe but also compliant with OSHA, customers’ and industry standards. “Well-written and practical procedures lead to good, consistent and safe work,” Pearl said. “The best training we can offer is developed from clear procedures. Additionally, written procedures can provide guidance when folks have a question or need a resource to support their actions.”

Egloff said PKX has experienced constant growth from its beginning. “With that being said, sometimes we lose sight of fundamentals when constantly reacting to the needs of customers and financial growth,” he said, adding that EHS Manager Anthony Tagliaferro spearheaded the project and set expectations.

“There is a lot of expertise that experienced employees have in their minds,” Tagliaferro said. “This project captured that knowledge and put it in documents that can be passed on to employees for future use.”
“It was great seeing how the group understood that they are part of shaping PKX’s future, and that what they brought to the table is being put into action across the board,” Egloff said. “We have a great team with a diverse backgrounds and being able to leverage that to keep our employees safer and more consistent as a team was fun to be a part of.”

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